Help Your School Go Green Without the Risk

All schools are being encouraged to become more sustainable and to take steps to becoming ‘green’. It is the best way we can make a positive impact on our environment and join the fight against climate change. While some changes can take time to plan or adapt to, there are others that can significantly reduce your carbon footprint immediately. However, in an uncertain economic climate, many schools might lean towards what they consider more risk-averse strategies. Here we explore how Green Tree Energy Savings Solutions can help your school go green without the risk.

LED lighting

When it comes to saving money, schools might feel pulling the plug on spending is the most obvious strategy. Yet, this knee-jerk, defensive reaction will delay any positive impact we can have on our wider environment. Transitioning towards LED lighting is one change that doesn’t need to be complicated or risky.

Why invest in LEDs?

Physical health

Upgrading to LED lighting will drastically reduce the amount of CO2 emissions your school produces while also creating a better working environment than traditional lamps and bulbs. LED bulbs do not create any flicker or glare and LED-lit classrooms are healthier, safer and more productive.

Fittings are also easily upgraded and also easily replaced without the need for specialist disposal teams, who currently need to dispose of fluorescent lamps due to the hazardous material contained inside. 

Financial health

While financial health is secondary to that of staff and pupils, it is also a compelling factor for the switch to LEDs. For example, a typical 50W halogen replacement LED will use around 86% less electricity for the same light output. Now transfer this saving to the cost of your lighting across a whole building, a whole school or even across several schools within a multi-academy trust. Even without any government incentives, it is clear to see why making the switch to LED lighting is appealing.

Another appealing factor is not only do they cost less to run, LED bulbs also last significantly longer than traditional bulbs. Therefore, while individual bulbs are more expensive than the alternatives, their longevity offsets the initial cost. Many LED manufacturers and installers, like Green Tree, also guarantee a 5-year life span which reduces the need for maintenance and removal of spent lamps.

Positive PR

In addition to meeting carbon reduction targets and making significant savings, schools can also enjoy and take advantage of the positive PR they will receive from spearheading the movement to reduce their carbon output.

Funding your green project

One of the main reasons why many schools still haven’t made the switch to LED lighting from incandescent, halogen or compact fluorescent lamps, is the high initial cost of installing LED lighting. In uncertain times, funding new school equipment is a challenge as budgets in the UK’s education sector grow tighter each year.

Maxxia works with education providers and helps arrange school leasing solutions for a wide range of equipment and school improvements, including upgrading to more sustainable solutions such as LED lighting.

Not only can you leave your capital funding untouched, with affordable monthly payments from your revenue fund, Maxxia leases are compliant with the school funding regulations in the Education Act and readily support green initiatives and meet government directives on sustainability. What’s more, they’re fully transparent, meaning you can see costs at every stage of the school leasing lifecycle.

GTESS can apply to Maxxia on your behalf, helping you access their cost-effective solutions more quickly and efficiently than if you were to do it alone. However, you have complete control over the application and will always be able to approve it before submission.

Working with Green Tree Energy Saving Solutions

Before you decide to go green, you will want to have all the facts about your current output, the different types of lighting available to you and costs involved. Therefore, we offer a free site survey where we:

  • Arrange to visit your schools and identify the existing types of lighting.
  • Recommend suitable LED alternatives.
  • Produce a detailed report to demonstrate the savings of in terms of:
    • Co2 emissions
      • KW/hr
      • £££s
    • Arrange a further meeting to present our findings and discuss the way forward, if you choose to collaborate with us.

In essence, you will be able to fund your sustainable lighting project through the savings you make in energy costs.

Such a solution might be the perfect remedy to economic gloom and it’s definitely a way for your school to go green without the risk.

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