Lighting Survey and Design

It all starts with a good plan
We are creative and knowledgeable about lighting and use a wide range of products to create the best design for your environment. If you can’t find the right product, we’ll design one.

What happens on a survey?

A lighting specialist will visit your premises to carry out a survey and establish how much light is required in each area. It is important that an accurate lumens calculation is established to ensure the correct amount of light is installed. We will then provide a energy report and lighting plan to show the savings that can be made and the cost of your installation. 

We will also offer advice on how the correct lighting can dramatically improved your environment, improving working conditions and well-being.

Our team can also help you identify other new technology that you may wish to consider. Upgrading heating, changing hand dryers for Eco versions and considering renewable energy, can all dramatically reduce cost and improve your carbon footprint.  



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