Greener Office and Commercial Space

A healthier, greener and cost-saving environment
Making the switch to energy-efficient lighting is the first step towards a greener future for your business.
Green office space

Switching to LED lighting could save your business up to 70% of your energy costs and create a safer, more productive working environment for you and your staff.

Not only could you generate savings of thousands of pounds, but LED lighting can improve sleep, enhance mood, boost concentration levels and eliminate dangerous, darkened areas where accidents might happen.

We live in a world where many customers and employees care about energy-efficiency and sustainability. Therefore, adopting good practices when it comes to being ‘green’ could result in greater trust with your clients and stakeholders as well as enhancing a company’s reputation.

Energy-efficient, LED lighting is an ideal place to start.

Working in partnership with Green Tree Energy Savings Solutions, your journey towards a healthier, safer and greener environment couldn’t be easier.

Benefits for employers and employees

No one knows the premises or understands the needs of your staff as well as you do.

However, as well as huge financial savings, leading the way to adopting sustainable and energy-saving practices within your business has other benefits:

1. Access to government funding

Financial support is available to both the public and private sector to help reduce carbon emissions. Interest free loans, grants and tax breaks have been introduced to encourage a reduction in carbon emissions.

2. Safer working environments

With improved light direction, working surfaces are better illuminated. Darkened or poorly lit areas are eliminated meaning workspaces with uneven surfaces or steps, are likely to be much safer.

3. Increased productivity 

LED lighting is shown to increase productivity and concentration compared to the fluorescent and incandescent light bulbs currently used in many offices.  

4. Better sleep

The full spectrum light of LEDs, only otherwise provided by sunlight, triggers a hormonal response, helping the body produce the melatonin and dopamine during the evening hours that help us sleep. This means employees are likely to be more alert and keep our minds happy and healthy.

5. Healthier employees and fewer sick days. 

Some individuals can have a sensitivity to fluorescent light which can lead to eye strain and could even mean they experience headaches and nausea caused by the spikes in the light output. This could prevent them working effectively or even cause them to take sick days.

6. Reduced maintenance

LED lights have a much longer life span, reducing the need for replacements throughout the year and less disruption to the working day.

How Green Tree can work with you

1. Free, no obligation, site survey

Before you decide to go green, you will want to have all the facts about your current output, the different types of lighting available to you and costs involved. Therefore, we offer a free site survey where we:

  • Arrange to visit your premises and identify the existing types of lighting.
  • Recommend suitable LED alternatives.
  • Produce a detailed report to demonstrate the savings of in terms of:
  1. Co2 emissions
  2. KW/hr
  3. £££s
  • Arrange a further meeting to present our findings and discuss the way forward, if you choose to collaborate with us.

2. A complete solution

Green Tree Energy Savings Solutions will design a complete LED lighting solution from start to finish ensuring that:

  • Our contractors are fully certified.
  • We use quality technology that has been independently tested in the UK.
  • All our products have a genuine 5-year warranty.

If you wish to apply for funding, we can help you complete the paperwork or complete it on your behalf, before returning it for final checks and approval before submission.

Every journey starts with a first step. Get in touch today to learn more about how your business can move towards a more sustainable future and reduce your carbon footprint.